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    Our July 18 show is SOLD OUT.

    I'd love to have a pop-up here that says something like: To be the first to know about new shows, join our newsletter here, but I don't know how to do that, so instead, just shoot me an email at info@aaronfoster.com and I will add you to our email list. 

    For information/tickets for our August show, CLICK HERE

    Stand-Up Comedy in Reno!

    The Plan: Since January, I've been spending about a week a month in LA doing stand up. During that time, I've met and worked with a bunch of comics that you've probably never heard of, but are fantastic nonetheless. I created "Funny Words in Reno" to give them a chance to show their stuff to an enthusiastic audience and to give Reno a chance to enjoy watching them do it.

    It's not complicated... I'll be renting local theaters one night a month and bringing the funniest people I can find to perform for you. The format isn't set in stone, but the idea is to give professional comics the time to do their job right. So instead of trying to cram a dozen comedians into one show, five minutes at a time, we'll be doing three or four comics per night and giving them the time to do their job right.

    Our first show is going to be Tuesday July 18 - 730pm @ Good Luck Macbeth theater (124 West Taylor Street) doors @630

    Back in my LA days, I did stand up for a while. I loved it, but things happened (life and what not, you know how it goes) and I gave it up. Back in January I reconnected with some old writing partners and started performing again. I fell back in love with it and I haven't stopped since.

    I've been fortunate to meet and become friends with so many talented comics in LA that I wanted to give them an opportunity to show Reno what they can do, and I wanted to give Reno an opportunity to see great comics in small venues right here in town. Everybody wins, right? Right. So...

    Meet our headliner, Heather Pasternak

    Heather Pasternak had her network debut on CBS’s The Late Show with Steven Colbert. Her other television appearances include FOX’s New Girl, The Mindy Project, Netflix’s Cooking on High, etc. She did a feature film re-write for Gold Circle Films and her jokes are featured on Sirius XM. She headlines internationally and is co-founder of The Comedy Partners, leading corporate workshops and stand up comedy classes across the country. Watch her special, Slay at Home Mom, out now!

    David Gamble, Jr. will be hosting. David is a local comic who I've worked with on multiple commercial shoots. He performs all around Reno/Tahoe and beyond, frequently hosting for the always sold out "Don't Tell Comedy" shows you may have heard of or been to. 

    Also, me, Aaron Foster. You know me, that guy who used to have a restaurant and then disappeared from the planet? Well, I'm back. I'll be what they call in the biz "featuring" or "middling" which is pretty much what it sounds like; doing a medium length set in between the host and the headliner. All three of us would really love to see you there. 

    Tickets are $15 pre-sale, or $20 at the door, but don't wait because we'll definitely be sold out by then, right? Right! You can pay/checkout below, or feel free to pay via Venmo directly at "acf530" if that's easier. No need for a ticket, we'll have your name at the door.

    Also, Good Luck Macbeth will have beer/wine/canned cocktails available, but there is no two-drink minimum. There's not even a one-drink minimum, feel free to drink as much, or as little, as you want. 

    Ok, that's it for now, more soon. Comedy!

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