Artist Bio

 I do a bunch of different stuff, but my main gig for the last 15 years has been making art out of license  plates. I have also dabbled in acting. I did stand up for a while.  A few years ago I moved to Boulder and started a company that makes an all-natural sports drink.  You know, because that's not a competitive market at all.  I like to keep things interesting is what I'm saying. Most recently, I opened a small restaurant in the mountains of Northern California, food + drink. (

But let's get back to what this site is about, the art work.  Every piece is made almost entirely from recycled license plates.  It is not a social commentary.  It is not a statement about America's dependence on the automobile or foreign oil or any such nonsense.  It's just supposed to be cool to look at and maybe make you smile a bit.  That's it.

In 2001 I was trying to figure out how to impress a woman I had a huge crush on.  She was an artist and I thought, hey, I'll just make something cool and show her that I can be "artsy," too.  So I made her a US Map out of license plates and while it was never the Plan, I haven't stopped since.

In the last 15 years I've created thousands of pieces from hundreds of different designs.  My work has found its way to the Smithsonian Institute, the American Folk Art Museum, the Sundance Catalog, as well as your local Big Box retail stores like Target in the form of prints and reproductions.  I've also done major projects for companies like Twitter, the NFL, CNN, and Santa Fe Natural Tobacco.  Plus, Stephen Colbert has one of my pieces in his office at the Late Show, which is pretty damn cool.  I even used to have a TV show of my own, but I got canned from that a while back so let's just move on, shall we?  However you look at it, it's been a Good Run.

I also spent some time in Boulder, CO, starting a new company, Skratch Labs.  I had a great time helping get that company off the ground but left in 2014 to pursue... well, I wasn't really sure at the time, just the next "thing."

Now a year later, I've found that "thing" and it turns out to be food.  Specifically, pizzas and tacos.  I spent a week training with the man, the myth, the legend when it comes to pizza in America, Tony Gemingani, in San Francisco, and am hooked on learning how to make the best possible pizza.  I have to say, they are coming along nicely.  I haven't trained with anyone for tacos, but they're not too shabby either.  

And just in case you're a producer or a director looking for an inexpensive actor, or a reasonably priced host (hey, I've got experience at that), let me know that, too.

Cool?  Cool.

Here's me being kind of a jerk promoting Skratch Labs (yes, it's a Dollar Shave Club ripoff, errr, homage.)