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In May of 2016 I opened a restaurant in Graeagle, a small town in the mountains of Northern California that I have been coming to since I was a child.  I called it "food + drink" and I make almost everything I serve from scratch. I specialized in tacos and pizzas.

Sounds good, but where the hell is Graeagle, right?  Well, doesn't really matter anymore because after two great seasons there I have packed up and moved to Reno, hoping to get in on that town's booming economy and bring some yummy food to the exploding food scene. And it seems like it's about time for me to settle down, too. I bought a house and everything, so I guess I'm all in on Reno. I hope Elon Musk knows what the hell he's doing! Come by and say hey. Or just eat some good food.

You can visit the website for my restaurant at or check out the reviews for the first iteration on yelp where people seemed to enjoy what we were about. I'm aiming for a similar kind of thing in Reno soon.