Hollywood Fringe Festival


I will be performing my first solo show at the Hollywood Fringe Festival in June of 2024. Nine 60 minute performances over three weeks at the Broadwater Studio.


I Thought I Was Special

(working title)

Growing up with a bipolar father and a schizophrenic older brother left Aaron Foster with a combo of survivor’s guilt, depression and anxiety that has invalidated his every accomplishment, destroyed his every relationship and invaded his every waking thought. A comedy!

I will post more info soon, but the show dates and times are confirmed and are as follows:

Fri 6/7 @ 10:30pm
Sun 6/9 @ 9:30pm 
Sun 6/16 @ 9:30pm 
Mon 6/17 @ 11pm 
Fri 6/21 @ 9pm 
Mon 6/24 @ 5pm 
Wed 6/26 @ 9:30pm

Thu 6/27 @ 5pm 

Sat 6/29 @ 3:30pm 

The show will be at The Broadwater Studio in Hollywood