• World Map in License Plates

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  • Description

    It's the whole wide world.  Made from license plates.  And in case you're wondering why I didn't do it in the same style I did the USA Maps in, where each state is made from the license plate from that state, it's because that's virtually impossible.  Think about it.  This piece is 62 x 40- look at say, Europe.  There's a lot of countries in Europe and it's not exactly that big on there.  So if I used a license plate from each country to create this map, it would either have to be super huge, or, if I kept it at 62 x 40, most countries would be so small there would be no way to tell where the piece of the plate was from. Make sense?  Good.

    So this is a map of the world made using the back side of license plates to create a silhouette version of the globe.  If you like it, you can buy it.  If not, you don't have to.

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