• Ridiculously Large USA Map

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    Remember what Karl said at the end of Sling Blade when that crazy dude asked him how it was out there in the world?  Ok, probably not, but his answer is a fitting description of this piece.  "It was too big."  I get it, you want to have something that really makes a statement and that no one else will have.  Well, this is definitely that, but I say again, it's too big.  It's like 15 x 10.  And those are feet.  This is a much more reasonably sized piece, and yet still quite impressive.

    Look, if you've got a wall big enough, then this thing will impress everyone who ever lays eyes on it, guaranteed.  And if you've got the kinda cash to spend on something like this, I will not only make one of these for you, I'll bring the damn thing to you, install it myself and cook you a very tasty dinner as well.  For real.  If you only want the dinner and not the artwork, it would be considerably less.

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