• Large Liberty Flag

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  • Description

    It's a big one.  This large Liberty Flag combines two of the most American icons out there; the Stars & Stripes and the Statue of Liberty.  

    Funny story- the first time I made one of these (not this size) was for an episode of Extreme Home Makeover: Home Edition.  Remember that show?  It was HUGE for a while.  Well, my friend Michael Moloney was one of the makeover team and fixed it so I got to be a guest artist on the season finale one year which was going to be a live makeover of two NYC firefighters' apartment.  Cool, right?  Yes.  Except that the episode I was on, that season finale, aired opposite the series finale of a little show called Friends.  Not the season finale, mind you, the SERIES finale.  So I think my mom saw my national television debut, but that's about it.  
    Oh well, sometimes you eat the bear and sometimes Chandler Bing destroys all your hopes and dreams in the blink of an eye.  It happens.  Doesn't mean this design isn't cool, especially done Big like this.  You should totally buy it.

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