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    In case you didn't notice, there aren't really that many images of my work on this site.  Just a few pieces that hopefully give you an idea of the kind of stuff I normally do.  Lately I've had a TON of orders for different corporate logos.  They usually lend themselves pretty well to the license plate medium as they tend to be simpler designs without too much detail that can become really difficult if not impossible to recreate in license plates. One of the more recent commissions was for a version of the Porsche logo that turned out pretty darn well if I do say so myself.


    To see photos of a few hundred of the pieces I've made over the 12+ years I've been at this, check out my company Facebook page here.  It's just an easier format to add photos and while it doesn't have every single piece I've ever made, it has a few hundred different designs to check out.

    Also, check out this nice article/photo essay that HGTV did on my (former) home here in Boulder, CO.  I'm currently in between domiciles, but this was a nice place while it lasted and the photos turned out great.  My pal Brian Patrick Flynn, who more than anyone is responsible for my "career" in television took the pics about 18 months ago, and the network finally ran them recently.  I must say, my work looks so much better in the context of a room than it does when all you can see in the photo is the piece itself, edge to edge.  Something about a little bit of distance and perspective seems to add so much more in my opinion.

    I just looked out the window for the first time this morning.  Looks like we are getting our first snow of the year here in Boulder.  Not cool.  Not cool at all.


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    • Vicki says...

      Would it be possible to get a license plate map…I know, you will laugh, of the Florida Keys? Does each key have its own special “vanity” thingy?

      On March 22, 2014

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