• Sunday Brunch With Friends

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    Come share yummy food and good conversation at my home in Reno's Old Southwest neighborhood. A time and place to gather and share the best things life has to offer: good conversation, plenty of coffee and (hopefully) the best damn breakfast you've ever had.

    Breakfast tacos with homemade flour tortillas. Liege waffles that just might change your life. Bacon. Real maple syrup. Damn good coffee. (full menu below)

    If these things sound like a nice way to spend a Sunday morning, you have come to the right place. Get some friends together and come as a group, or be brave, fly solo and see what happens. Who knows who you might meet?

    WARNING: If carbs and gluten aren't your thing, we might not be the right place for you.

    Oh, did we mention mimosas? Yeah- mimosas. 

    Sunday morning March 10, 2019:

    Starts: 10am

    Ends: Whenever you're done

    This is our first brunch "pop-up" so I'm just using photos from the restaurant I used to run out in teeny tiny Graeagle, CA. It's closed now, but if you're wondering how the food was, feel free to check out our yelp reviews: https://www.yelp.com/biz/food-drink-blairsden 


    Breakfast taco w/bacon or sausage - homemade flour tortilla, scrambled eggs with pepper jack, diced bacon or spicy Italian sausage, avocado, diced Serrano chilies.

    Liege Waffle: 24 hour organic dough filled with pearl sugar, if it's not the best waffle you've ever had, tell me what was and I will go there to learn how to make that one. Have it plain. Have it with poached egg + diced bacon. Have it with strawberries and homemade whipped cream. Just have it.

    Scramble: If you are truly gluten intolerant, we do offer a simple, but yummy Scramble with pepper jack, bacon or spicy Italian sausage, avocado + Serrano chilies. It's the breakfast taco without the taco part. 

    Scrawffle: The best of both worlds, a Liege waffle and a Scramble.

    And finally: This one's new so I don't have a clever name for it yet, any ideas? Taffle? Waco? I'm trying to combine taco and waffle and it's just not happening, but you get the point- it's a taco and a waffle. Remember how a moment ago I said the Scrawffle was the best of both worlds? I was lying, this is. Sadly, I just can't think of a clever name for it.

    There will be fruit with all the breakfasts, and as much coffee as you want. Cream and sugar, too. By which I mean actual cream and actual sugar- none of this Splenda, Sweet 'n' Low or non-dairy creamer kinda garbage. This ain't Denny's.

    Look, it's brunch and it's the first time. Order what you want. Then order again. It's a set (and cheap) price for the first round so I can see how it all goes. Odds are it will never be this cheap again.

  • Sunday Brunch With Friends
  • Sunday Brunch With Friends
  • Sunday Brunch With Friends
  • Sunday Brunch With Friends
  • Sunday Brunch With Friends
  • Sunday Brunch With Friends

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