• Wrigley Field Sign

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  • Description

    One of the classic American ballfields, the Wrigley Field sign is as iconic as it gets.  Sure, the Cubs have had some difficulty the last few decades, but that just means they're due for a change of luck, right?  Regardless, I know Cubs fans are pretty passionate and this is a fun piece that represents the team, the stadium and all the crazy history that goes with it.  All that and it was in one of the Meet the Fockers movies.  I don't remember which one, but I know it's there because I did see the preview and it was even in that, right behind Bob Deniro in one scene.  (It's cool, I was in LA for a bit, I'm in the union, I can call him Bob.  Not to his face, but here on my own website where he'll never see it, it's totally cool.)

    62 x 36 and cool as hell- if you're a Cubs fan that is.  If you dig the Yankees, well, this probably isn't the piece for you.

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