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    I dig this show.  A lot.  So I made this piece and was lucky enough to get it signed by the cast and creator.  I was pretty stoked about that.  Then I auctioned it off to raise money for a charity called Trips for Kids that helps get kids on bikes.  It's a good cause and all, but damn if I don't wish I'd auctioned off something else and kept this one.  Oh well.

    Somehow I hoped when I made this piece and sent it to the show that Matthew Weiner would see it and be impressed enough to check out who I am.  Then he'd see that I dabbled in acting and he'd call me in to audition for the show and I'd impress him and end up on Mad Fucking Men.  But none of that happened.  I did raise some dough for Trips for Kids though, so that's nice.

    If you want one of these, the only signature it will come with is mine on the back.  I know that's not as cool as if it were signed by Christina Hendricks like the one in the photo, but it's the best I can do.

    62 x 40, license plates on painted birch

  • Mad Men
  • Mad Men

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