• Beverly Hills Sign

  • $950.00

  • Description

    This was a fun piece I did back when I used to exhibit twice a year at the Beverly Hills Affaire in the Gardens Art show. I always did well there, but it was always a tad frustrating, too.  I've done a lot of art shows in my day and nowhere else did I have more haggling over price from customers than there.  Sure, there's always a little wiggle room when the options are to either sell it at a little discount or load it back on the truck at the end of the day, but those folks were brutal.  And once we agreed on a price they would invariably pull out there black AMEX cards.  Dicks.  But I digress.

    I only ever made one of these because those black/yellow California plates are incredibly expensive- the most expensive plate I buy for my work, actually.  I'm happy to make another one, but like I said, those old plates are pricey so it's gonna cost you.  Or… you could order it with the white CA and just the black backsides of other plates for less dough if you were a big fan of Beverly Hills but not loaded with cash.  Which would be sort of odd, don't you think?

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